Tracey Kagan
A New Way Forward
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 29
  • State
  • Social
A New Way Forward

Tracey Kagan

As a criminal defense attorney, Tracey Kagan has been working for the past thirty years to fight for justice in her community – representing thousands of Floridians and protecting their rights in court. Tracey is running for office to push for a new way forward in Florida, flip her seat blue, and usher better leadership into the legislature.

  • Served as a state attorney in Seminole County, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges social workers, mental health professionals, and law enforcement face
  • Advocating for a bright future for Florida’s children, a clear vision for the economy, and a return to effective leadership that has sorely been missing in GOP-controlled Tallahassee
  • Running against a longtime GOP lawmaker who opposes expanding Medicaid, refused to fully fund public schools, and voted to arm classroom teachers

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