Steve Doyle
Positive Collaboration
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    AD 94
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Positive Collaboration

Steve Doyle

Steve Doyle has been a La Crosse County resident his entire life. Serving in the state legislature, teaching local political courses at UW-La Crosse, and founding a law firm has given him a wealth of expertise for his advocacy in the state Assembly. Steve knows that Wisconsin needs a renewed commitment to jobs, education, and accessible health care, and he’s working to deliver that progress for his community.

  • Named the most bipartisan member in the state Assembly by the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau
  • Passed a bill to increase funding for adoption assistance and served on a bipartisan suicide prevention task force
  • Founded a successful family law firm where he specialized in mediation – a skill he consistently uses in his role as a legislator

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