Sarah DeMerchant
Unwavering Devotion
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 26
  • State
  • Social
Unwavering Devotion

Sarah DeMerchant

Sarah DeMerchant got involved in civic engagement after learning she was experiencing a wage gap – a phenomenon women grapple with every single day. Since then, Sarah has become a community activist who has worked with top organizations to make equal pay for equal work a reality. Sarah is running for the legislature to continue her advocacy and equalize the playing field for hardworking Texans. 

  • Has partnered with the Obama Administration and given interviews with USA Today, Essence Magazine, and VICE News on securing equal pay for equal work
  • Awarded with the Grand Prize and Women Innovation Mobile awards from the US Department of Labor for her founding of Aequitas, an app designed to end the wage gap
  • Currently responsible for managing accounts at one of the top 10 largest software development companies globally

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