Sara Rodriguez
Health First
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    AD 13
  • State
  • Social
Health First

Sara Rodriguez

As a Wisconsin native, Sara Rodriguez decided to run for office after GOP legislators forced Wisconsinites to choose between their health and their vote during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sara knew changes needed to occur in the state – and she is ready to lead that effort. She is a registered nurse and an experienced health care executive who has worked in a variety of leadership roles for over 20 years, and is ready to put her experience to work.

  • Former CDC epidemic intelligence service officer who is bringing experienced local leadership to put the health of Wisconsin first
  • Returned Peace Corps volunteer who has continued serving others as a Girl Scout troop leader
  • Committed to flipping this district and replacing the Republican lawmaker who prioritized reopening golf courses over passing laws to safeguard elections

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