Sam Skardon
Coalition Builder
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    SD 41
  • State
    South Carolina
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Coalition Builder

Sam Skardon

Sam Skardon can bring fresh perspective to the State Senate because he and his wife Leslie are the faces of this rapidly changing suburban district. Traffic, student debt, skyrocketing housing costs, and the need for great public schools are issues Sam and his family experience everyday. His balance of experience in the public and private sectors make him the right guy to get things done. Sam has the vision, energy, and values that South Carolina needs in 2020.

  • Vision of a South Carolina that can lead the nation in public education, economic opportunity, modern infrastructure and fighting climate change
  • Currently works at a community development lender focused on empowering small businesses and disadvantaged communities
  • Former aide to civil rights hero Congressman John Lewis, and early staffer to President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign
  • Prime pick-up opportunity – running against a GOP incumbent in a district that voted Democratic for Governor and Congress (by 15 points) in 2018

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