Randy Brock
Trusted Meteorologist
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 26B
  • State
  • Social
Trusted Meteorologist

Randy Brock

When Randy Brock isn’t forecasting the weather as a meteorologist or helping Minnesotans find their dream home as a realtor, he is out in his community – talking to his neighbors about the most pressing issues for them and their families. After living and working in his district for two decades, Randy knows his community has the best of what Minnesota has to offer and is determined to fight for their interests in the state capitol.

  • Chief meteorologist at KTTC-TV for 14 years, connecting with Minnesotans throughout the region on a daily basis
  • Consistent community volunteer, delivering meals with Family Service Rochester’s Meals on Wheels program and serving on several local nonprofit boards
  • Passionate about reversing the impacts of climate change, fixing the health care system, funding public schools, and providing affordable housing

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