Melissa Gregory
Serving Kansans
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    SD 30
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Serving Kansans

Melissa Gregory

Melissa Gregory’s life is a testament to the value of strong public schools and hard work. After her upbringing in Wichita, she became a dedicated public servant who spent her career improving the lives of her fellow Kansans. Melissa is running to restore jobs and keep people healthy and safe.

  • Served in multiple government offices, including as chief of staff for Congressman Dan Glickman, a key assistant to the US secretary of agriculture, and director of appointments for Governor Kathleen Sebelius 
  • Will work tirelessly to cover pre-existing conditions and expand Medicaid, give Kansas children a better future, and help people stay safe during the pandemic
  • Longtime community volunteer who served on the Board of Directors for the Envision Foundation and the Kansas School for Effective Learning

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