Kyle Evans Gay
Positive Change
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    SD 5
  • State
  • Social
Positive Change

Kyle Evans Gay

Kyle Evans Gay has made a career out of advocating for justice and equality. From her work in the Delaware Department of Justice to her extensive volunteer service in the state Public Integrity Commission, Kyle has fought consistently to create lasting change for her community. Running in one of the most flippable districts in America, Kyle is ready to win her seat and be a fierce champion for change in the state Senate. 

  • Would be the only mother of young children serving in the Delaware Senate
  • Represented children in the foster care system pro bono; will fight for equal access to public education and quality, early childhood education 
  • Worked to help pass the Equal Rights Amendment in the state, codifying gender equality in the Delaware constitution

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