Kriss Marion
Rural Entrepreneur
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    AD 51
  • State
  • Social
Rural Entrepreneur

Kriss Marion

Kriss Marion is a farmer and local bed and breakfast owner who will stand up for the underdog. As a fierce advocate for Wisconsin families and with years of experience tackling tough issues under her belt, Kriss is ready to get things done in the legislature and move her community forward.

  • Gained expert knowledge on the issues facing her region through her service as a Lafayette County supervisor, regional planning commissioner, and active member of numerous organizations
  • Founded the Pecatonica Pride Watershed Association, a farmer-led water protection group that works to improve the Pecatonica River
  • Constantly working to invigorate her local economy by starting a farmers market and leading the charge to overturn the state’s ban on selling home-baked goods

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