Kevin Cavanaugh
Special election hold
  • Election Date
    Nov 6, 2018
  • District
    SD 16
  • State
    New Hampshire
  • Social
Special election hold

Kevin Cavanaugh

Kevin is a Manchester Ward 1 Alderman and longtime high school sports coach. Kevin’s experience as a community leader and union employee for 32 years has given him a deep understanding of the challenges many hardworking families face. Kevin first won this seat in a July 2017 special election and will continue to stand up for working families.

  • Kevin will fight for paid family leave, child care tax credits, and K-12 public education investments to support working families
  • Believes all Granite Staters should have access to affordable, quality healthcare, and supports expanding Medicaid
  • Will advocate for clean energy job training to support the environment and create more jobs

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