Kayla Koether
Fighting for Farmers
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 55
  • State
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Fighting for Farmers

Kayla Koether

Kayla Koether is running for the state House to give rural Iowans a fair shake and put practicality over partisanship. Raised on a fifth-generation family farm, Kayla has worked relentlessly to assist Iowan farmers on issues of sustainability, marketing, and production best practices. After coming within 9 votes from flipping the GOP-held seat in 2018, Kayla is running again this fall to finish the job.

  • In-depth expertise and passion for agriculture and is dedicated to revitalizing the rural farm economy and attracting businesses back to Iowa 
  • Served as an AmeriCorps educator in Northeast Iowa, teaching children about where food comes from and how to live healthier lives
  • Critical red-to-blue flip opportunity

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