Joy Goff-Marcil
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  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 30
  • State
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Listens & Acts

Joy Goff-Marcil

Joy Goff-Marcil has a long record of public service: she has nearly three decades of experience as a local attorney, served on the Maitland City Council, and was elected vice mayor in 2017. After flipping this critical state House seat blue in 2018, Joy has brought a balanced, commonsense approach to her duties in the legislature – delivering real results for her district.

  • Longtime community member who attended public schools in the district and volunteered hundreds of hours at local schools
  • Helped protect Florida’s wetlands, promote city-wide walkability, and streamline permit processing on her time on the Maitland City Council
  • Tirelessly championed legislation to protect Florida’s natural resources, ensure access to mental health care for minors, and adopt a commonsense approach to gun safety 

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