John Turner
Commonsense Leadership
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 114
  • State
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Commonsense Leadership

John Turner

John Turner doesn’t back away from challenges. After flipping his seat in 2018, John has put his words into action – leading the charge to invest in public schools, support first responders,  and restore decency and problem-solving in the state capitol. With so much more work to be done, John is running for re-election to continue serving and securing a brighter future for his community.

  • Co-authored the bill increasing per-student funding to schools, improving salaries for teachers and school staff, and providing more funding for mentorship and research programs
  • Experienced attorney who previously represented 88 Texas school districts in a three-year battle to increase public school funding 
  • Named the 2019 “Fire Fighter Champion of the Year” by the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters and “Outstanding Legislator” by the Association of Texas EMS Professionals for his work on PTSD

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