JoAnna Mendoza
Leading By Example
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    LD 11 (Senate)
  • State
  • Social
Leading By Example

JoAnna Mendoza

JoAnna Mendoza has dedicated her life to public service. After serving her country for 20 years and retiring from the Marine Corps, she continued working as a congressional staffer and advocating for students on the local school board. JoAnna has fought her way out of poverty, fought to protect our Constitutional rights, and stands ready to fight for Arizonans in the state Senate.

  • Would make history as the first Latina represent her district.
  • A working mom with a young son who wants to ensure women and mothers’ interests are represented in the legislature
  • Will work to fully fund education, including paying teachers a competitive wage, addressing school infrastructure issues, and equipping students with modern tools and resources to succeed

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