Jill Dennin
Fresh Ideas
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 147
  • State
  • Social
Fresh Ideas

Jill Dennin

Jill Dennin has dedicated her life to giving back to her community. With her decades of experience in education and advocacy, Jill is ready to take on the gridlock in Harrisburg. Jill will be an independent voice in the state House, committed to bringing new ideas and commonsense solutions to complicated problems. 

  • Elected school board member and teacher who understands the urgent need to adequately fund public schools 
  • Will fight to reform property taxes, improve infrastructure, and put her community’s needs first in Harrisburg
  • Dedicated community advocate; mentoring local Girls Scouts, serving on the regional YMCA board, and volunteering with Meals on Wheels

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