Jacqui Irwin
Steadfast leadership
  • Election Date
    Nov 6, 2018
  • District
    AD 44
  • State
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Steadfast leadership

Jacqui Irwin

Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin is seeking re-election in California’s Assembly District 44, a community she has lived in for nearly 20 years. She is campaigning to continue working to improve environmental protections, create jobs, and protect local families.

  • Jacqui advocated for laws that expanded the local conservancy, promoted renewable energy, and expanded efforts to bring purified water to local farmers.
  • She has helped local small businesses expand, hire, and innovate by creating a program to make it easier for small businesses to get the loans they need to expand operations and create more jobs.
  • As chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Cybersecurity, Jacqui crafted laws to protect children, assist law enforcement, and empower parents.

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