Inez Kelleher
Health Care Champion
  • Election Date
    Nov 5, 2019
  • District
    HD 117
  • State
  • Social
Health Care Champion

Inez Kelleher

Inez Kelleher is a practicing orthopedic surgeon and retired lieutenant colonel of the US Air Force. Inez’s experiences as a medical professional have made her passionate about health care affordability and access – something she wants to ensure her community has access to as a member of the Mississippi state legislature. A US Air Force Veteran, Inez is also concerned about the quality of life for all American veterans, and will advocate on their behalf if elected.

  • A grandmother concerned about the quality of public school education
  • Believes infrastructure is crucial to Mississippi’s economy and will work to repair and improve local roads
  • Environmental advocate, especially considering how the fishing industry boosts her local coastal community

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