Gina LaPlaca
Experienced Policymaker
  • Election Date
    Nov 5, 2019
  • District
    LD 8
  • State
    New Jersey
  • Social
Experienced Policymaker

Gina LaPlaca

Ranked one of the top 100 Policymakers in the state of New Jersey two years straight, Gina LaPlaca knows how to get things done — and that’s exactly what she plans to do when elected to the General Assembly. With a focus on education funding, infrastructure, and health care, she will create a better future for generations.

  • Has worked to elect Democrats up and down the ballot for more than 20 years, committing to progressive change
  • A product of New Jersey public schools who is committed to restoring full funding to local education
  • Understands that improving infrastructure is the key to attracting economic growth

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