Darcy Draeger
Long-Term Growth
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    LD 25 (Assembly)
  • State
    New Jersey
  • Social
Long-Term Growth

Darcy Draeger

After spending her career making sure the top players on Wall Street played by the rules, Darcy Draeger is ready to put her unique business experience to use working for New Jersey families. She knows how to help New Jersey’s local economies, improve the health care system, and protect the bottom line for all residents. Darcy will be a leader that makes sure Trenton is working for everyday people, not special interests.

  • Will channel her 20 years of business background to help cultivate local economies and secure sustainable well-paying jobs
  • Committed to passing legislation that addresses and combats climate change
  • Passionate about defending reproductive and LGBTQ rights

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