Cal Mukumoto
Experienced Businessman
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 9
  • State
  • Social
Experienced Businessman

Cal Mukumoto

Cal Mukumoto’s father earned a purple heart in WWII, teaching him the meaning of service. Thirty years ago, Cal helped establish a log merchandising and sales program for an Oregon mill – boosting local businesses. Since then, he has brought that same innovative approach to helping businesses throughout Oregon to create new jobs and thrive in the economy. Cal will be the strong voice that Oregon’s coastal families deserve in the legislature.

  • Chair of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission, where he represents rural Southern Oregon in helping to improve trails, rivers, and ocean shores
  • Former CEO of Coquille Economic Development Commission which employs more than 500 people in Coos Country; has helped Oregon businesses grow and add local jobs for over three decades
  • Will channel his business expertise into expanding job training and apprenticeship programs across the state

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