Barb Anness
Champion for Students
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD 45
  • State
  • Social
Champion for Students

Barb Anness

Barb Anness has a track record of getting things done. As trustee and secretary for the Rochester Community Schools Board of Education, Barb is entrusted to help oversee a budget of more than $180 million and stay laser-focused on achieving the best outcome for every kid across the community. After a lifetime of advocating for students, Barb Anness is running to put her community first and bring necessary reform in the state legislature.

  • Leading the charge in public education, having served as PTA president and on Michigan’s PTA Board of Directors
  • Small business owner, understands the struggles and intricacies of local businesses
  • Devoted to modernizing Michigan’s infrastructure – including building safe roads and bridges, securing solid wireless connectivity, and expanding renewable energy

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