Amber Hewett
Clean Energy Advocate
  • Election Date
    Nov 3, 2020
  • District
    HD First Essex
  • State
  • Social
Clean Energy Advocate

Amber Hewett

Amber Hewett’s career has been defined by two fierce passions: environmental protection and civic engagement. Her work has taken her into state legislatures across the Atlantic Coast to advocate for renewable energy sources in the region. Now, Amber is stepping up to ignite change herself and represent her community with visionary, proactive, and principled leadership in the Massachusetts House.

  • Played an integral role in passing legislation in Massachusetts that makes an unprecedented commitment to offshore wind power
  • A trailblazer who promoted clean energy for seven years at the National Wildlife Federation and has successfully advocated for offshore wind policies across New England
  • Will champion transformative legislation that tackles climate change, promotes racial justice, and invests in Massachusetts’ children

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