Amanda Pohl
Progressive Change-Maker
  • Election Date
    Nov 5, 2019
  • District
    SD 11
  • State
  • Social
Progressive Change-Maker

Amanda Pohl

Amanda Pohl is a mother, church deacon, adjunct professor of social work, and candidate for the Virginia State Senate. She has spent her career serving the needs of others – including as a privacy advocate for survivors of domestic violence – and hopes to do so further as a state legislator. Amanda is in favor of increasing funding for Virginia schools and improving her district’s roads and infrastructure, as well as increasing the state minimum wage.

  • Motivated to run after Virginia law prevented her from receiving timely health care during a miscarriage
  • Advocate for same day voter registration as a means to combat voter suppression and expand voting rights
  • Will work to write and pass legislation protecting LGBTQ+ individuals from employment and housing discrimination

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